Mission & Vision


To emerge as an educational Institution of excellence in the field of Commerce, Management and information Technology in the techno - savvy competitive era of liberalization and globalization.


  • Enhance Job placement for students.
  • To develop strong and dependable Industry Linkage.
  • To enrich infrastructure.
  • To introduce new courses - Vocational Courses.
  • To enter into MOU's with leading corporations for student training / internship and industrial visits.
  • To strengthen economic, cultural and social fabric of the region through education, research and enterprise to elicit tangible results in Business, Industrial and Information Technology sectors.
  • To provide a vibrant hub for sports and co-curricular activities.
  • To provided an effective platform for Community development programmes.
  • To equal the College with latest technological advancements.
  • To produce dynamic entrepreneurs, administrators, academicians and responsible citizens.